Contractors Insurance

We value the craftsmanship of your profession and want to provide the coverage you need to protect your business. We help protect a wide range of professionals.

Businesses who need contractor insurance include electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, interior decorators, janitorial, lawn care services and any other business that provides a service to homes or businesses.

Contractor insurance is usually a package of insurance policies that protect your business from financial losses in case someone files a claim against you.

Contractor’s liability insurance covers claims from damages that a contractor causes to a third party.

Contractor Insurance is one of the most important coverages a contractor can get as it covers the liability risks associated with your business (while on the job site). No matter if your business does subcontractor or general contractor work, you will need contractor insurance to protect your business from work-related accidents.

Here are other policy coverages to consider:

  • Installation Floater
  • Professional Liability
  • Builder’s Risk

Call McShea Insurance so we can help you determine what coverage is right for you.

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