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Employment Opportunities

Be part of our growing team.

Career Advancement.

Our company is growing. And to grow, we need employees moving up the chain of command to train and manage incoming employees. If you are looking for a job that is motivating and rewarding, you've come to the right place. We look internally before looking outside our company for promotions and job filling.

Educational Support.

At McShea we provide all the opportunities to enhance our employees knowledge base of their products and services. We take pride in having impeccable service, and we know knowledge is power. We will walk you through ways to enhance your career path internally and provide you with opportunities to earn designations.

We are a Flat Organization.

What do we mean by that? McShea Insurance provides opportunities for all parts of the company, regardless of where you are in employment, to make a major impact to the operations of our company. You will have opportunities to work one on one with people with over 30 years in financial services, and work day to day with C-Level employees.


We understand work is not everything. We provide great hours of operation, and plenty of extra curricular activities for employee bonding and relationship building. The people you work with should be your friends. At McShea Insurance, our employees enjoy heading to work in the morning. We like to keep our employees happy.

“Our company is growing. We are looking for talented, driven individuals who want to work and build a career in the financial service industry. We have a lot of opportunities and I think I speak for all in saying, our office isĀ fun, collaborative, and full filling.”

Jameson P. McShea McShea Insurance Agency Inc.

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