When is Hurricane Season?

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is now in full swing! The season runs from June 1st until November 30th. The peak season is typically September and October. Hurricanes form when warm ocean waters meet atmospheric disturbances. The Atlantic hurricane season has seen an increase in activity over the past years and experts predict an extremely active season in 2024. Meteorologists use complex models to forecast the number of hurricanes and severity level. A recent Weather.com article predicts 24 Named Storms and 11 Hurricanes (5 of which could be major!) for the 2024 season.

Why This Season is Predicted to be Extremely Active:

There are a few reasons why scientists predict a busy hurricane season with more activity than usual.

  • Record High Ocean Temperatures: The Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean are all experiencing abnormally warm temperatures. They’re predicted to remain high throughout the season. These warm temperatures are heat energy for storms. The warmer the water, the more moisture is in the air. This could potentially mean bigger and stronger hurricanes.
  • El Nino Transitioning into La Nina: El Nino and La Nina episodes occur every 3-5 years. While El Nino is warmer than average sea surface temperatures, La Nina is the opposite. The transition is caused by trade winds. During this transition, there is a significantly higher chance of severe hurricanes in the Atlantic and fewer for the Pacific. According to the WMO, the impacts of the transition are expected to be experienced from August until November.

This is why it is particularly important to prepare for the worst this year. So what is the best way to prepare for a hurricane?


Hurricane Preparedness Tips

How to Prepare for a Hurricane:


Home Preparation Tips:

  1. Trim weak branches and limbs
  2. Seal outside holes including vents, electrical outlets and water hose openings
  3. Have your roof and chimney inspected for lifting or damages shingles and leaks
  4. Clean out gutters to prevent backups
  5. Keep important documents sealed and safe
  6. When a storm is predicted, bring outside items inside i.e. patio furniture etc.
  7. Have an emergency plan or evacuation plan in force
  8. Create an emergency toolkit including first aide supplies, water, medicine and non-perishable foods
  9. Talk to your insurance agent to ensure you have accurate insurance coverage to replace your home and personal belongings


Business Preparation Tips:

  1. Develop a plan to protect your technology and data
  2. Ensure all staff members are aware of this plan
  3. Seal all important business documents
  4. Have a backup location in mind to run business operations
  5. Create a safety plan for staff including places to hide, evacuation routes & locations of emergency kits
  6. Regularly review your plan with staff members and leadership teams
  7. Discuss business insurance coverage options with your insurance agent: i.e. commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, business interruptions insurance


When a hurricane strikes, the most important thing is staying safe. Having a plan and being fully prepared can provide some peace of mind in the midst of disaster.

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