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Homeowners Coverage.

We have an elite homeowners program without the elite pricing. Please do not think the Fair Plan or other expensive companies are the only options available. Our Cape Cod office has been insuring homes on the Coast for 30 years. We use companies with only A rating and have been effective in lowering costs on coastal properties. You are not stuck with your current company or the fairplan.

Automobile Coverage.

McShea insurance knows how to find the best rates for you. When bundling your home and auto it gives you even more SAVINGS. Let McShea Insurance quote your auto and adjust your insurance to the appropriate levels to protets your assets.

Umbrella Coverage.

Whether you own a home, business or have other assets- there is no better vehicle to protecting these assets than a low cost umbrella policy. A single limit of one, two or three million will suffice for the average homeowner. If you have a business or own multiple homes- we can provide a very large umbrella policy if need be. To see about our business umbrella package, click here.


Most condominium contracts require you to have coverage for the "inside." What most people do not realize is that, as a condominium owner, the master policy only covers half of the wall, leaving you with half of the exterior wall to cover yourself (from the middle of the stud to the inside drywall.) Are you accounting for this in your vaulation? Is your agent?

Learn the in’s and out’s on protecting a home and your personal assets. We will give you timely, quality information to secure your most important things in life- exactly when you should be thinking about them.