Kevin J. McShea

President | Founder

Kevin started his career with Metlife back in the early 1980's. As a Financial Adviser he quickly became established in the life insurance industry and decided to branch off. He started McShea Insurance & Financial Services in 1986 and became heavily involved with commercial insurance products, specifically for construction and excavation businesses. He has been servicing the construction industry for 30 years.

Michele T. McShea

Vice President | CFO

Michele joined us in the mid-1990's as CFO and Account Executive. She has been an integral part of our team, managing finances and leading our commercial and personal teams by example. Michele graduate from Ohio Wesleyan with an RN BSN.

Sharon Covino

Commercial Lines Manager

Sharon joined the Mcshea commercial team in 2013. Previous to McShea Insurance, she worked as a Litigation examiner in the Claims Department at One Beacon Insurance. Sharon has a depth of knowledge in the insurance industry with 30 years of experience in the field. Sharon rose to Commercial Lines Manager swiftly and has been a valuable asset to our team.

Megan McShea

Account Executive

Megan joined us in 2015. She came to us as an administrative assistant and has grown to one of our most effective personal lines account executives. Extremely knowledgeable in the industries products and our work flow, Megan provides her clients with prompt service and valuable feedback.

Brittany Steuerwald

Account Executive

Brittany joined the personal lines team in 2015 as an administrative assistant and receptionist. Brittany now handles auto claims, auto sales, bank correspondence and is moving into new roles including a personal lines account executive position. Brittany is knowledgeable and more than effective with any project or asset thrown her way.

Jean Cabral

Account Executive

Jean onboarded with McShea Insurance in January of 2017. as a personal lines account executive. Quickly learning the personal lines process and product, she has become a major asset to McShea.

Elaine Donoghue

Commercial Lines Account Executive

Elaine joined McShea in the Spring of 2016 as a personal lines account executive. Expressing great abilities to comprehend and handle the insurance products, she was transferred to the commercial department as an account executive. Elaine has been an amazing addition to commercial department, providing her clients with thorough explanations and expertise.

Tori Henry

Receptionist / Administrative Assitant

Joining Mcshea in 2016, Tori has surpassed all expectations. Tasked with handling many different projects and weekly assignments, Tori has executed everything thrown at her and more. Calling on banks, client renewals, maintaining mail orders, and formalizing the client onboarding is just a few of the many tasks she is asked to handle.

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