In today’s world of law suits, Directors and Officers should take notice of the personal asset risk involved with their work in the office. Making shareholders, employees and customers unhappy- whether that be through unprofitable management techniques, putting their employees at risk and other examples of risky management, calls for the need of Directors & Officers Insurance.

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A D&O Policy insures the Directors and Officers involved in that company from personal asset losses due to work related practices, or law suits against them derived from work. The policy also can insure the company for the legal expenses involved in defending the Officer or Director in their company.

Most carriers provide very different D&O policy. It is very important to understand what your D&O policy leaves you exposed to- this is the job of your agent and your legal advisor. It is important that your insurance broker and legal advisor work as a team to find the best D&O policy in the market for you. The topic should be revisited several months before renewal for effective negotiating.

The policy can be offered through a Management Liability Package Policy providing:

  1. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  2. Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  3. Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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